Quoniam Bonds MinRisk SGB

The quantitative investment strategy Quoniam Bonds MinRisk SGB adheres to the requirements of German SGB-regulated investors for investment of provisions (SGB: German Social Security Code). The strategy aims to generate returns in accordance with SGB IV regulation and invests in bonds with good credit rating and liquidity. The European investment universe comprises more than 6000 sustainable government and corporate bonds as well as covered bonds.

General Information

Data: As of 2022-04-29
Bloomberg QUBMSSE
Fund currency EUR
Appropriation of earnings Accumulating
Benchmark -
Inception date (share class) 2021-08-02
Currency hedged No
Valuta T+3 (Forward Pricing)
Management Company Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH
Depositary DZ BANK AG Frankfurt
Ongoing charges 0.29 % (30.09.2021)
Management fee 0.23 % p.a.
Flat fee 0.06 % p.a.
Registered countries DE
AuM fund 65.2 m in EUR
Share price 93.93 in EUR
Sustainability Article 6 SFDR

Performance Chart (net returns)


Performance Ratios

Period Fund (%)
1 month -1.34
YTD -4.43
Since inception p.a. -6.07

Sector Allocation


Country Allocation


Rating Allocation


Maturity Allocation


Portfolio Ratios

Ratio Fund
Number of issuers 105.00
Number of positions 150.00
Coupon 1.06
DTS 5.24
Macaulay duration 2.37
Maturity 4.38
Modified duration 2.31
OAS 1.06
Yield 1.15

Top 10 securities

Name Weight (%)
BAYERISCHE LANDESBODEN 0.75% 05/28/25 3.05
JYSKE REALKREDIT A/S 0.375% 07/01/24 3.03
GEWOBAG WOHNUNGSBAU-AG B 0.125% 06/24/27 2.78
SPAREBANKEN VEST BOLIGKR 0.01% 11/24/25 2.34
DNB BOLIGKREDITT AS 0.01% 05/12/28 2.24
IBERCAJA BANCO SA 0.25% 10/18/23 2.14
SPAREBANK 1 BOLIGKREDITT 0.125% 05/12/31 1.99
SBANKEN BOLIGKREDITT AS 0.375% 04/26/23 1.54


The use of investment services as well as investments in financial instruments are conjoint with risks. For more detailed information, in particular a description of the mentioned fund’s risks and rewards, please refer to the prospectus, the key investor information document and the most recently published annual and semi-annual report. These publications are available upon request and free of charge from the German payment and information agents, DZ BANK AG (Frankfurt/Main). The aforementioned documents constitute the sole binding basis for the purchase of fund units. Under no circumstances shall this document constitute an offer or recommendation to buy or sell units or shares of the presented funds.

Past Performance is not a reliable indicator for future performance.

QFS-SICAV (Quoniam Funds Selection SICAV)
Management company: Union Investment Luxembourg S.A.
Portfolio management: Quoniam Asset Management GmbH

Quoniam Bonds MinRisk SGB
Management company: Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH
Portfolio management: Quoniam Asset Management GmbH

UniInstitutional European MinRisk Equities
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