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We create opportunities based on quantitative methods and high-performance technologies with an ambitious team.

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Who we are

Quantitative asset manager in Frankfurt and London

Quoniam develops customised investment solutions for institutional investors. Our value creation is based on research- and data-driven methodologies, a powerful IT platform and our deep capital markets experience. As a pioneer in active quantitative asset management, we have been delivering systematic equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies for 25 years.

Our strategies


Holistic analysis creates opportunities  

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Fixed Income  

Diversification as a success factor   

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Exploit opportunities, reduce risks 

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Quoniam in numbers

years of experience in quantitative asset management 


billion assets under management 


per cent of assets of the sub-funds of the QFS SICAV managed according​ to ESG criteria

Investment ideas

High Yield MinRisk

Exploiting opportunities, reducing risks.

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Emerging markets equities

Participate in opportunities in emerging markets
with a risk-reduced strategy.

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Science powers portfolios

Evaluate external effects and achieve sustainability goals.

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What sets us apart
“Quoniam is the intersection of smart and passionate people, cutting edge research, and high quality implementation which enables us to consistently add value to our clients.”
Nigel Cresswell, CFA, CEO, Managing Partner
News hub
February 2024
How did credit factors perform in 2023?

Credit spreads experienced significant volatility in 2023 and ended the year very favourably, delivering reasonable returns on the back of a strong rebound in the carry factor. There are good reasons to believe that the next few years will offer a supportive market environment for factor strategies.

February 2024
Incorporating pre-trade bond liquidity data into corporate bond management

The identification of liquidity is a key factor for successful corporate bond management. In this white paper, we show how the incorporation of pre-trade liquidity data into the portfolio construction process provides more precise estimates of tradability, tradable volumes, and transaction costs. It also increases relative portfolio performance.

February 2024
How can investors profit from investing in fixed income factor strategies? – Part 2 of 2

How can investors improve the risk/return characteristics in their fixed income portfolios? What is the best way to cover different market environments? In an interview with Jonathan Clenshaw, Dr Harald Henke, Head of Fixed Income Strategy, provides answers and compares systematic and fundamental approaches with regards to performance, return patterns and factor weighting.

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