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We create opportunities based on quantitative methods and high-performance technologies with an ambitious team.

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Who we are

Quantitative asset manager in Frankfurt and London

Quoniam develops customised investment solutions for institutional investors. Our value creation is based on research- and data-driven methods, a high-performance IT platform and our profound capital market experience. As a pioneer in active quantitative asset management, we have stood for systematic equity, bond and multi-asset strategies for 20 years.

What sets us apart

“Quoniam is the intersection of smart and passionate people, cutting edge research, and high quality implementation which enables us to consistently add value to our clients.”

Nigel Cresswell, CEO, Managing Partner 

Quoniam in numbers

years of experience in quantitative asset management 


billion assets under management 


of assets are managed sustainably 

Our strategies


Holistic analysis creates opportunities  

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Corporate Bonds  

Diversification as a success factor   

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Exploit opportunities, reduce risks 

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We identify what is essential in the increasing variety of ESG data and how you can integrate sustainability into your portfolio in a meaningful way.
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News hub
March 2023
International Women’s Day 2023: Facts, Figures and Insights about Women at Quoniam

On International Women’s Day, we would like to highlight and celebrate our female colleagues across the company. This matters for our business because every day we experience how diversity and an inclusive working culture enriches Quoniam, improves our decision-making, drives innovation, and enables us to better respond to stakeholders.

February 2023
Expert discussion on Fixed Income Impact Investing – can active return and sustainability be combined?

In this interview, Desislava Vladimirova provides insights into the trade-off between impact investing and outperformance of credit factor strategies and the possibilities of combining the two.

February 2023
Credit Factor Effects 2022: How did systematic factors perform in the challenging environment?

2022 was a difficult year for active credit managers with high inflation rates, rising spreads and rates, as well as negative risk premia returns. Dr Harald Henke explains how systematic credit factors help up in EUR and global investment grade markets.

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