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We create opportunities based on quantitative methods and high-performance technologies with an ambitious team.

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Who we are

Quantitative asset manager in Frankfurt and London

Quoniam develops customised investment solutions for institutional investors. Our value creation is based on research- and data-driven methodologies, a powerful IT platform and our deep capital markets experience. As a pioneer in active quantitative asset management, we have been delivering systematic equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies for 25 years.

Our strategies


Holistic analysis creates opportunities  

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Fixed Income  

Diversification as a success factor   

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Exploit opportunities, reduce risks 

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Quoniam in numbers

years of experience in quantitative asset management 


billion assets under management 


per cent of assets of the sub-funds of the QFS SICAV managed according​ to ESG criteria

Investment ideas

High Yield MinRisk

Exploiting opportunities, reducing risks.

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Emerging markets equities

Participate in opportunities in emerging markets
with a risk-reduced strategy.

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Science powers portfolios

Evaluate external effects and achieve sustainability goals.

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What sets us apart
“Quoniam is the intersection of smart and passionate people, cutting edge research, and high quality implementation which enables us to consistently add value to our clients.”
Nigel Cresswell, CFA, CEO, Managing Partner
News hub
May 2024
Why have EUR credit spreads been higher than USD credit spreads since 2022?

EUR credit spreads have historically been lower than USD IG credit spreads, with the exception of the euro debt crisis period. This has changed since 1Q2022. Dr Harald Henke, Head of Fixed Income Strategy, explains this reversal from previous trends and looks at what factors might be driving this divergence.

May 2024
Reflections and evolution: Quoniam’s investment beliefs over 25 years – Part 2 of 2

How can investors navigate the current market frenzy surrounding artificial intelligence and quantitative trading? Is the hype surrounding AI truly unprecedented, or are there historical parallels that offer valuable insights? In this interview with Jonathan Clenshaw, Thomas Kieselstein, Senior Partner at Quoniam, explores these questions and delves into the nuances of quantitative trading in today’s dynamic market landscape.

May 2024
Reflections and evolution: Quoniam’s investment beliefs over 25 years – Part 1 of 2

How does a company navigate 25 years of relentless technological shifts and market dynamics? What foundational principles have sustained Quoniam’s journey as a pioneering force in quantitative asset management? In an interview with Jonathan Clenshaw, Thomas Kieselstein, Senior Partner, explores Quoniam’s past, present and future.

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