Sustainability: The right ESG data for your portfolio and the planet 

The increasing importance of sustainable investing (SI) brings its own challenges, but great opportunities as well. We capture your beliefs and develop solutions and products on this basis that offer you a range of implementation options. 

Sustainability is no longer a trend or a special topic but should be considered in all investments. ESG criteria are taken into account in 45% of our managed assets – and the trend is rising. 

At Quoniam, sustainability begins in house. We have set ourselves goals for sustainability and our guidelines for responsible investment are based on them. We are also guided by national and international standards. 

Sustainable Investing committee and team 

Cross-team expertise 

The SI committee reviews and updates our SI strategy and all matters relating to screening, data quality, integration and engagement. It also reviews compliance with our Responsible Investment Guidelines. 

The SI committee is supported by experts from the Product Management, Governance & Business Advisory, Client Relations, Product Communications and Marketing departments. Together, they form the SI team, which plans and realises the implementation of ESG strategies and regulatory requirements.  

As part of the Union Investment Group, we also work closely with Union Investment’s ESG team in the areas of engagement and proxy voting, and regularly exchange views on the topics of EU regulations, data providers, ESG strategies and sustainability risks. 


Sustainable Investing at Quoniam since 2004 

  • 2021
    • Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative
    • Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change
  • 2019
    • Climate Action 100+
    • TCFD
  • 2017
    • LGPS Cost Transparency Code
    • Frankfurt Declaration 
    • QFS SICAV apply ESG investing 
  • 2016

    BVI Code of Conduct Sustainability

  • 2015
    • EFAMA Code for external Governance
    • Montreal Carbon Pledge
    • Global Investor Statement on Climate Change
    • Cooperation: GIZ 
  • 2012

    Signing: PRI Principles for Responsible Investment

  • 2008

    UN Global Compact

  • 2005

    First SI mandate fixed income

  • 2004

    First SI mandate equities

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Head of Client Relations International
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