Quantitative strategies: 
new sources of return for institutional investors 

Quoniam has been an innovation leader in data-driven asset management for over 20 years. We combine science and technology to offer diversified investment styles to institutional investors.

Innovative solutions for a challenging environment 

Investors today face a number of complex challenges: inflation and rising interest rates, volatile economic and political conditions, increasing regulation, rapid technological advances, and heightened volatility and frequent trend corrections. New sources of return and style diversification are essential.

We use data-driven methods to explore new sources of return and translate them into customised solutions for professional investors. The result is innovative investment concepts that align with the client’s asset allocation.

The advantages: 
  • Diversification in investment style: we use academically and empirically derived sources of return to differentiate ourselves from traditional asset management.
  • Use of new research technologies: machine learning and text analytics allow us to uncover information that is not yet priced in.
Our strategies


Holistic analysis creates opportunities 

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Corporate bonds

Diversification as a success factor

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Exploit opportunities, reduce risks 

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Our investment approach

Identify and exploit performance potential


We construct portfolios with a carefully balanced risk-return profile. This is based on scientifically derived models that are continuously developed by our research team. Thus, we focus on medium- and long-term diversification.

Data-driven decisions

The ability to analyse large amounts of data quickly and precisely is the basis for our systematic, long-term and reliable investment decisions.

100% institutional

We specialise in tailor-made mandates and individual portfolio solutions that reflect your guidelines: from the investment universe, risk budgets and instruments to the implementation of sustainability criteria.

Our methodology 

The Quoniam investment approach 

Behind all our strategies is the model-based quantitative Quoniam investment process. This allows us to objectively calculate the risks and sources of returns for all portfolio components at any time.

Source: Quoniam Asset Management GmbH

We consider ESG aspects in all our investment strategies. Find out how we implement sustainable investing.

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