Together for responsible asset management

This is how the SI team works for the success of your sustainable investments.

The topic of sustainability has become an integral part of asset management – at Quoniam, too, Sustainable Investing (SI) affects all areas of the company. That is why all departments are represented in our SI team. Johannes Lins, Portfolio Manager, and Mara Schneider, Senior Associate SI, explain how this works in practice.

What are the tasks of the SI team?

Mara Schneider (MAS): The team takes care of implementing the overarching sustainability strategy. The focus is on two aspects in particular. On the one hand, the guidelines, the SI strategy and the implementation in the portfolios: What ESG data do we need to be able to offer our clients individual sustainable investment strategies? On the other hand, we keep ourselves up to date on the future of SI: What trends and developments are emerging and how can we react to them with innovative products and strategies?

“The SI team takes care of our overarching sustainability strategy and its implementation. We also look at current SI trends and discuss how we can respond to them with innovative products and strategies.”

Mara Schneider
SI Manager

What makes you a powerful team?

Johannes Lins (JL): The cross-functional composition of the team favours interdisciplinary exchange and anchors SI-specific expertise in all departments of the company. The different perspectives lead to a holistic approach to the topic of sustainability, to which each member contributes with his or her individual know-how.

How is the team made up?

MAS: ESG specialists from portfolio management for equities and fixed income are part of the team. As a dedicated SI manager, I coordinate all matters relating to SI and provide support with my expertise. In addition, we are supported by experts from the areas of Research, Business Strategy & Product Management, Governance & Business Advisory, Client Relations, Product Communications and Marketing.

What are “day-to-day” topics for you that are always on the agenda?

JL: There is no day-to-day business in the strict sense. However, there are various SI topics that every member encounters in their daily to-dos. For me as a portfolio manager, these include ensuring the ESG integration process in equity mandates, implementing individual client requirements and various “company events” related to sustainability. I am also a permanent member of the SI Committee, which meets once a quarter.

“Due to the sheer mass of non-financial information available nowadays, it is almost essential to address the issue of sustainability quantitatively.”

Johannes Lins, CFA
Portfolio Manager

What specific topics and projects are you currently working on?

JL: There are many. In addition to the implementation of various regulatory requirements, we are also working on the further development of the climate strategy and the realignment of Quoniam’s sustainable product platform. In the past, quantitative asset managers have played a rather minor role in sustainable investment. This was due in particular to the qualitative nature of the tasks involved. However, the situation has changed fundamentally: Due to the sheer mass of non-financial information available these days, it is almost essential to approach the topic of sustainability quantitatively. We want to continue to be a pioneer here. That is why our main focus remains on our most important resource: data.

So things remain exciting. Thank you very much for the interview!

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