War in Ukraine: Position of Quoniam and implications for investments

At Quoniam, we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and would like to express our deepest sympathy to all victims of this conflict. From an asset manager’s perspective, we expect that it will permanently change the international security architecture, energy policy, and create significant volatility. The situation is dynamic and fast moving.

We do not hold and have not held securities issued by the Russian government and related entities, i. e. sub-sovereign and agencies. Considering the situation, we have also implemented an immediate stop on the acquisition of Russian issuers in general until further notice.

We will manage existing Russian exposure in line with our fiduciary duties and the individual policies of the respective client mandates. Trading is extremely challenging since it has been partially halted and liquidity in the market is extremely low.

Our investment experts are continuously evaluating the current events and market developments as well as the implications of the sanctions imposed.