PRI Reports: Excellence in sustainable investments

Quoniam achieves top scores in the PRI Assessment Report

In the annual assessment report of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, Quoniam again achieved results above the median in all asset classes.

Quoniam has been a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) supported by the United Nations since 2012. These principles are recognised worldwide as the standard for responsible investment in the asset management industry.

Comprehensive approach to embedding responsible investment

In all asset classes we report on, we were scored above the median in the PRI’s current assessment report. In the two modules “Investment & Stewardship Policy” and “Direct – Listed EQ – active quant incorporation”, we achieved the highest possible rating with a “five-star” score.

The PRI’s rating methodology changed compared to previous years. There was a move away from the “A+ to E” rating to a numerically based five-star rating system.

The scoring thresholds define at which percentage boundary a grade is allocated:

  • Do not do ESG or scored 0 ≤ 25 % = 1 star
  • 25 ≤ 40 % = 2 stars
  • 40 ≤ 65 % = 3 stars
  • 65 ≤ 90 % = 4 stars
  • 90 ≤ 100 % = 5 stars
Investment & Stewardship Policy5 Stars (Median: 3 Stars)
Direct – Listed EQ – active quant incorporation5 Stars (Median: 3 Stars)
Direct – Listed EQ – active quant voting4 Stars (Median: 3 Stars)
Direct – Fixed Income – SSA4 Stars (Median: 3 Stars)
Direct – Fixed Income – Corporate4 Stars (Median: 3 Stars)

The assessment took into account Quoniam’s policies, objectives and actions. The criteria are based on the PRI, which inter alia include the voluntary commitment to integrate ESG criteria into the investment process. The evaluation is based on the self-assessment of the co-signatories of the PRI ( and an evaluation methodology defined by the PRI. The PRI Assessment Report 2021 and the above mentioned results refer to the reporting period as at 31.12.2020.