A day with … Hanna Kurz, Client Relations

In this interview, Hanna talks about her everyday life as an advisor to institutional investors and explains what makes Quoniam special as an employer.

What does a typical day look like for you?

As a client advisor, I am in close contact with institutional investors. There is no “typical” daily routine. We inform our investors about their portfolios and current market topics and answer their individual requests. In addition, we regularly seek contact with potential new clients. We interact with our clients online, by phone and in person during business trips.

In addition, I continue to educate myself on current topics – especially on the topic of sustainability. I am a member of our internal team for responsible investing (SRI team for short). Other special topics we deal with in Client Relations are, for example, onboarding new clients, support in the know-your-customer (KYC) process and the implementation of individual investment requirements.

What is your role in the SRI team?

I act as the link between the SRI team and Client Relations which includes bringing sustainability issues to my team. Conversely, I also gather feedback from Client Relations on current client interests and requirements for the SRI team. The information then flows into the prioritisation of topics related to sustainable investing and product development.

Describe the working environment at Quoniam in three words.

Exciting, collegial and empowered. Exciting, because we look after different clients with individual needs, which always produces new, interesting topics. Collegial, because we constantly exchange ideas with colleagues from all teams. Empowered, because we organise our work and the support of our clients independently and with a lot of creative freedom.

What is a special moment at Quoniam that stays in your memory?

I will never forget the Christmas party at the Senckenberg Museum. We danced among dinosaurs to live music. It’s always nice to spend time together with all Quoniam colleagues – and then in such a breath-taking setting between pterosaurs and T-Rex. A great moment!

Your current book and series recommendation?

I am currently re-reading Lord of the Rings, a great book. As for series, I recently enjoyed LOL-Last One Laughing.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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